Thai Woman Spends 33 days Inside A Container Filled With 5,000 Scorpions

By | January 18, 2018

Scorpions are known for their ominous curved stinger and by far one of the scariest arachnids out there. One scorpion crawls in your body and you’ll be screaming for sure. But not this Thai woman who was dubbed “The Scorpion Queen”.
Meet Kanchana Kaetkaew, a national celebrity in her country for her brazen and bizarre scorpion stunts.

She holds the record for the most time spent with a scorpion kept in her mouth.

The record, which she claimed in 2008, was won after she kept the scorpion crawling inside her mouth for three minutes and 28 seconds.
Kanchana Kaetkaew also holds a second world record for spending 33 days inside a container filled with 5,000 scorpions!

Her petrifying creepy scorpion stunts earned her the Ripley’s Ambassador.

Despite being stung 13 times, she shows the whole world why she’s the Scorpion Queen. In one of her stunt show in Pattaya, Thailand, she doesn’t even flinch when dozens of massive scorpions crawled over her.

To make her stunt even more terrifying, she opened her mouth to allow one of the creatures inside but the creepy arachnids crawled across her lips, nose, and cheeks instead of going into her mouth.

Apparently, there are around only 25 species of scorpions that are capable of killing humans.