By | January 10, 2018

A North Carolina teenager took one of the largest black bears of the year.
Branson Long got a birthday present to end all birthday presents—a gigantic, 705-pound black bear—just two weeks after he officially became 13 years old. The North Carolina teen had told his father, Brandon, that he wanted to go on a bear hunt, and what a hunt it turned out to be. Branson killed the largest bear ever taken in Carteret County, and one of the biggest in the country this year. A bear biologist from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission verified the bruin’s weight of 705 pounds. She told them it was the biggest bear on record from Carteret County.
“It was the fattest bear I have ever cleaned and had fat that was five inches thick right under its skin,” Brandon said. “It took us six hours to get it dressed and bagged.”