Justice For Aiden – Cruel People Put Fireworks In His Mouth For Laughs!

By | December 28, 2017

This sweet dog was discovered in the woods near Fort Worth, Texas in terrible shape.

His jaw had been completely torn apart and it is believed it was all on purpose: someone put a firecracker into his mouth and set it off. The puppy was discovered by a group of hickers, who immediately took the wounded puppy to the Fort Worth Animal Shelter. When volunteers with the Dallas DogRRR animal rescue organization learned about Aiden’s situation, they immediately pulled him out of the shelter and offered full medical assistance.

His lower jaw is fractured and all the skin has simply gone off. Dr. Karri had to perform multiple surgeries. These procedures were long and arduous, but Aiden managed to put on a brave face and is expected to make a full recovery. Aiden will now go to a foster home, where he will spend at least two weeks before visiting the doctors again.

Rescuers have a lot of unanswered questions: how did this puppy end up in the woods. Why did the perpetrator act in this manner? Why not surrender Aiden to the local shelter and spare all this suffering?

Please keep Aiden in your thoughts, he needs all our love!

Take action now and demand justice for this harmless puppy. We demand an immediate investigation into this matter, because those responsible for this inhumane and cowardly act must be punished by all means.

Thank you all for caring.

Aiden was discovered abandoned in the woods near Fort Worth, Texas.

His jaw was broken apart after fireworks went off in his mouth.

Aiden was taken to the hospital with severe injuries

Aiden underwent several reconstructive surgeries

Help obtain justice for Aiden