Courageous Man Flies To Australia To Meet Boy With Same Rare Disability He Has

By | December 27, 2017


For some people, being brave and strong is the only thing they have left to keep going in life. Thirty-one-year-old Englishman Jonathan ‘Jono’ Lancaster was diagnosed with a rare disability only a few hours after he was born. His family abandoned him because the so-called Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS) caused his cheekbones to disappear and his eyes to drop. Luckily for him, a woman adopted him and he is now a person who helps those in need.

Jono is the epitome of bravery and an inspiration to people living in similar conditions. When he decided to meet a little Australian boy who had the same condition as him, a new friendship was born. The rest of the story will make you tearful


Ever since he was little, Jono Lancaster has devoted his life to helping those in need


Jono wants to show everyone that having a disability is not something that should stop you from living your life to the fullest. Nowadays, he constantly visits schools and hospitals where he brings hope and happiness to all the kids who are sick. In fact, that’s not the only thing he does



Moreover, he also travels the world, bungee jumps, cycles, and runs marathons. He is in an excellent physical shape, not allowing his rare disability stop him from living his dreams. That’s why he immediately booked a flight to Australia when he heard about Zackary Walton, who had the same condition as him

Lancaster shared this photo on the media, saying: “Today and over the next couple of days I get to hang out with this little dude and his amazing family in beautiful Adelaide.”

The generous Jono spent the next few days showing Zackary and his family what’s truly important in life, that “life is worth living no matter what,” as he says.