Horrible Kid Hits Cat On The Face, But Keep Watching… She Gets EXACTLY What She Deserved.

By | October 27, 2017

Kids are wonderful creations. They’re joyful and young and magically and… Okay, so not all kids are like that. Some of them are just brats (and occasionally they can seem to be downright evil) But when kids are being brats, someone should teach them a lesson. That would usually be the parent, but not in this case.

In this video we see a little girl repeatedly smacking a cat in the face. The cat clearly isn’t having fun and cries out every time that she gets hit. But the little girl doesn’t stop on her own, and no one else is coming to stop her. Eventually the cat decides that she’s had enough of this. She leaps up and hits the girl in her face.

Take a look at this video